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The Draegan Network is a private virtual community where health IT professionals share ideas, discuss experiences, and collaborate with one another. It is a place to focus our collective expertise on accelerating the transformation of healthcare through the use of technology.

Why I created the Draegan Network: 

They say there's one thing that you can always count on to remain constant - and that is change. To navigate through the dizzying pace of technology changes in healthcare, it helps to maintain a strong network of professional peers. As we move forward in this field we should have a space where we can exchange our ideas, share our successes, and discuss our lessons learned not only with each other, but with those coming up in the ranks behind us. Somewhere we can interact to share things that we have learned/developed over the years so others don’t need to reinvent the wheel. A place to go when we find ourselves staring blankly at the keyboard thinking ‘OMG where do I start’ with the next IT challenge that comes our way.

I struggled to find that space ... so I decided to create one.

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